MLC B. Mohan Reddy on Monday sought the support of all teachers for his candidature in the coming MLC elections from the Karimnagar Teachers Constituency based on the development and welfare of the teaching community that he had caused in the last six years of his tenure.

He urged teacher voters to shun considerations of allegiances and vote for him.

Ongoing campaign

Mr. Mohan Reddy addressed a press conference here on the second day of his campaign in town. He visited mandals abutting Adilabad as part of the campaign.

The MLC recalled his services to the teaching community in the last 22 years when he had officiated the Progressive Recognised Teachers Union in some capacity or the other.

Welfare activities

He also mentioned several welfare activities initiated by him during the period.

With regard to the stand of PRTU on the Telangana issue, Mr. Mohan Reddy said that the largest teacher organisation was for the formation of a separate State.

He said that the PRTU would participate in all programmes taken up by the Telangana Joint Action Committee towards realisation of Telangana.