Mobile phones of little help in alerting Cyberabad police

  • Marri Ramu
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How fast will the Cyberabad police respond to an emergency call if a citizen from their area dials the number 100 to reach them? Not as quickly as you hope.

Because, if a person dials 100 from their mobile phone from localities coming under the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate the call will not reach them. Instead it reaches the Hyderabad Police Control Room (PCR).

How much ever prepared the Cyberabad police are, the faulty system with the mobile phone service providers is doing them no good.

The defect is prolonging the response time of the Cyberabad copsthough they are close to the place where the crime is committed. For example, if a person from Dundigal area dials 100 seeking police intervention, the call would be received by personnel at the Hyderabad PCR. “Many people are not familiar with the areas that fall under Cyberabad. After eliciting details from the caller, all that they do is alert the Cyberabad PCR staff,” a police officer said. Only if the Cyberabad PCR personnel quickly assesses the gravity of the situation and alert the Dundigal police can the caller receive some help.

All this apparently takes several minutes. If the caller is located at farthest point from the local police station, the response will be further delayed. Take the instance of the woman software professional who was kidnapped in an autorickshaw by two drunk men in Cyberabad two days ago.

Had she dialled 100 from her mobile phone in such a situation, it would have taken longer for the police to reach her. “Knowingly or unknowingly, she did the right thing by calling up her roommate because the latter conveyed the matter directly to the police concerned,” says a working woman Padmajakshi of Musheerabad.

Interestingly, calls made from landline phones in Cyberabad area to 100 are reaching Cyberabad control room. It is ridiculous if the government expects citizens to search for the fast disappearing landline phones to reach the police in an emergency, she feels.

Police maintain that till a year ago even calls made from landlines to 100 in Cyberabad used to land at the Hyderabad PCR. “As this proved too costly at times especially during road accidents, things were set right,” they say.

Persons dialling 100 from their mobile phones from localities under Cyberabad police limits find their calls reaching the Hyderabad Police Control Room



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