Huge number of calls filtered to ascertain the culprit

Mobile phone call analysis coupled with a hunt for a blue car helped the Cyberabad police on Friday crack a nonagenarian’s murder for gain in Kushaiguda reported a few weeks ago.

An event manager, D. Radhika, and her car driver, Maloth Damoder, turned out to be the accused in the killing of K.V.L. Narasimha Rao who was murdered in his house at Saket of Kapra on February 17.

Slim lead

Gold jewellery weighing 280 gm, 2 kg of silver articles, a laptop and some electronic goods taken away by them were recovered, said the Cyberabad (Crimes) Additional DCP Janaki Sharmila.

The Kushaiguda police almost lost hopes of detecting the murder for want of clues.

The only lead they had was the CCTV footage the colony that showed a blue Santro moving frequently near the victim’s house. A man too was seen speaking over mobile phone in the vicinity.

Picking up the leads, Malkajgiri CCS Sub-Inspectors P. Shankaraiah, P. Vijay Kumar and M. Anantha Chary began collecting data of blue Santro cars from different sources, including the RTA. But this did not lead them anywhere.

Then they collected massive data of mobile phones made through different service providers from that location. The trio filtered the huge number of calls to ascertain persons who made calls from that location a little while before and after the murder.

Blue car does them in

After narrowing down on some, they verified if any of them was using a blue Santro. On learning that Damoder was using such a car, they picked him up. Initially, he feigned innocence but eventually admitted to the killing.

Radhika had suffered losses in event management and to make up for the lost money she joined hands with the driver.

“She would inform him details of her relatives’ houses and the latter would burgle them,” the police said. Radhika was also a distant relative of Rao’s wife.