MMTS stations were swanky once, and now they are symbols of official apathy and negligence when it comes to maintenance, amenities like drinking water and public toilets, not to mention accessibility issues.

“For many of us, climbing the foot overbridge is difficult, and we are forced to cross the tracks putting our lives at risk,” says P. Renuka, a commuter. The 50-year-old resident of Malakpet complains that there is no infrastructure for old and infirm people at the stations, and demands that they be created for their benefit. Others also complain that MMTS trains have no inter-connected compartments due to which some coaches become chocked. “Trains stop at a station for a very short time, and finding space on them is often a difficult proposition. This problem would not be there if coaches were connected with vestibules,” H. Shiva Reddy, another rider, says.