According to police, Anuhya, employed with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) in Goregaon in Mumbai, boarded the Visakhapatnam—LTT Express from Vijayawada on January 4 for Mumbai.

She was returning to Mumbai after spending Christmas holidays at Masula. Anuhya’s father spoke to her the same day at about 10 p.m. when she told him the train had reached Solapur. She promised to call him again after reaching her hostel in Andheri.

However, there was no phone call from Anuhya and her father, too, could not contact her subsequently. Prasad later contacted her colleagues but there was no trace of daughter.

Prof. Prasad lodged a complaint at Vijayawada railway police station on January 5. He came to Mumbai and lodged a similar complaint at the Kurla railway police station on January 8.

GRP Superintendent of Police Ch. Shyam Prasad said two families who were her co-passengers had been identified and questioned.

While one family alighted at Pune, the other confirmed that Anuhya got down at Lokmanya Tilak Terminus in Mumbai on January 5. - PTI

It is now known

that Anuhya did disembark at the LT Terminus in Mumbai


Techie’s case takes a new turnApril 1, 2014