Surveillance cameras installed by owner captures images of some arsonists

Raising suspicions of a deliberate attempt to stoke communal violence, unidentified persons torched six cars at Golla Galli, Chelapura and Ghansi Bazar near Charminar in the wee hours of Monday.

Images of some of the arsonists were captured by a secret camera installed by a vehicle owner Kiran Kumar Agarwal at his house in Ghansi Bazar. The near simultaneous torching of vehicles at three places near Charminar in old city, which remained calm for two days after witnessing violence by mobs that clashed with police, sparked off rumours about possible outbreak of clashes.

However, no untoward incident was reported in any part of the old city barring the arson in the early hours.

A Scorpio and a Honda City owned by the family of Mr. Aggarwal a businessman, were parked outside his house the previous night. The businessman had nine cameras installed at his house.

Images captured by one camera showed a Maruti Omni passing by around 3.18 a.m. Two minutes later, a middle-aged person clad in a pair of trousers and shirt rode in on a bike. He stopped for a while near the two vehicles and then rode off.

Images showed another person walking in the next minute. The miscreant sprinkled petrol from a bottle on the two vehicles, threw a lighted matchstick and ran away. “There could be a gang behind the incident. Quality of the images is making it difficult to ascertain if the two images are of the same person,” an investigator said.

In a rerun of the incident, two more cars -Honda City and Honda Brio- belonging to a resident of Chelapura, Subodh Gayal, were burnt outside his house.

A Maruti Swift and a Ford Ikon of Shyam Kumar, another businessman were torched at Golla Galli.

Police suspect same persons were responsible for setting ablaze the six cars. “Though two bikes were burnt near Chelapura during the Friday clashes, those incidents appeared to be consequence of mob fury. The fresh arson, however, indicates some organised gang or group is behind this,” a police officer said.

Footage unclear:

As the images of the miscreants in the video footage recorded by secret camera were not clear, investigators are trying to analyse it with the help of technical experts.

The police are also taking the help of software professionals to enlarge the images and trying to identify the make of the bike the miscreant had used and its number. “We hope to get important clues soon,” the police said.