Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: Ministers have expressed divergent views on how best regional interests can be protected if a need arises to form a Telangana state out of unified Andhra Pradesh.

Panchayat Raj Minister J. C. Diwakar Reddy here on Tuesday contended that if Telangana was to be formed, Anantapur district should be merged with Karnataka as being sought by the people of the district in preference to staying in a bifurcated state.

He reasoned that though AP provided funds to Karnataka to repair Thungabhadra canals, the latter was neglecting the works.

“Is it not right for the people of Anantapur to join Karnataka under the circumstances?,” he asked.


Differing with the views being expressed by senior leaders in the Congress, Mr. Reddy said there was no need for the Assembly to introduce a resolution to form Telangana.

If such a situation arises, second States Reorganisation Commission is the best option,” he said.

He termed as ‘selfish’, the demand by these leaders on the Assembly resolution.

Mr. Reddy reiterated the need to decide the fate of Hyderabad as also Rayalaseema with special reference to Anantapur district if Telangana was to be formed.

Housing Minister Bothsa Satyanarayana, on the other hand, stated recently that it is better for Telangana and Andhra regions to part like brothers, now that there is a demand for Telangana.

He said “for long, we (Coastal Andhra people) wanted a unified State but they (Telangana brethren) want us to go. How long can we cling? Coastal Andhra has its own resources with which the region can be developed in a better way.”

Mr. Satyanarayana said the Telugu Desam would be committing no wrong if it supported such an Assembly resolution to form Telangana state.

Appropriate time

Home Minister K. Jana Reddy, without mincing words, said he was for formation of Telangana and would speak more clearly on the matter at an appropriate time.

The Home Minister hoped that “Telangana would come only under the leadership of Congress party” and said his party had already taken a stand that the issue would be decided by Second States Re-organisation Commission.