In a novel bid to catch the attention of the electorate, Minister for Housing Kanna Lakshminarayana ironed clothes on a pushcart and Minister for Minority Welfare Mohd. Ahmedullah prepared a ‘dosa' on a pushcart in Chilakalabavi in Kadapa city on Tuesday.

Mr. Lakshminarayana, who went round the area with folded hands seeking votes, stopped at a pushcart and ironed clothes and Mr. Ahmedullah assisted him by properly folding the clothes.

Preparing ‘dosa'

Later Mr. Ahmedullah stopped at another pushcart to prepare ‘dosas' as the roadside kiosk owner put some chilli powder on the ‘dosa'. Mr. Ahmedullah and Congress leader Kandula Sivananda Reddy fed each other and they ate a ‘dosa' and proceeded further. Their pranks enthused the voters .