Bringing all non-assessees into tax fold favoured

VIZIANAGARAM: Minister for Marketing Botcha Satyanarayana has asked municipal officials not to raise taxes but bring all those non-assesses into the tax fold and improve the financial position of the municipality. He instructed them to complete the tax assessment by March 31.

At a review meeting with officials at Municipal Council hall here on Tuesday, when Mr. Satyanarayana was informed that the accumulated tax arrears were about Rs.4 crores and the municipality was facing financial crunch to the tune of Rs. 1 crore every year, the Minister said that it could be made up if the tax collection was improved and non-assesses were included in the tax net. The municipality net revenue per annum is Rs. 8 crores against Rs.9-crore expenditure.

On drinking water problem, he advised officials to ensure at least one-hour supply in all the 38 wards during summer.

He suggested construction of a summer storage tank between Vizianagaram and Gantyada and fill it with surplus waters from Thatipudi during monsoon.