The TDP leaders strongly condemned the remarks made by the TRS leaders in the district in the latest war of words between the parties.

TDP district president A. Baswa Reddy and Dommati Sambaiah advised the TRS leaders to restrain from using indecent language. Recently at a meeting at Mahabubabad, TRS district president T. Ravinder Rao urged people to welcome TDP leaders who come to villages with chappals. He said it was the TDP that stalled the formation of separate Telangana.

The TDP leaders tried to explain to people that it was their party that gave a letter to the Central government in favour of separate Telangana time and again.

“The TRS leaders do not answer where KCR was during the Chalo Assembly programme. But all our MLAs took part and were arrested,” Mr. Baswa Reddy said.

The TDP leaders advised the TRS leaders to desist from mudslinging and hoodwinking the people.

“People have many things to worry about. The farmers are suffering from lack of seeds. The TRS leaders do not allow the Assembly to run and just cling to separate Telangana demand. They do not allow other parties to raise public issues,” he said.

The TRS leaders were making money and political career exploiting the sentiments of people. This would not go forever and people would definitely teach them a fitting lesson soon, the TDP leaders said.