Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: The Krishna District Milk Producers’ Mutually Aided Cooperative Union Limited on Wednesday asserted that the State Government’s “reprisal attack” on it would adversely affect the interests of milk producers in the district.

The union also feared that it would not be able to pay even salaries if the government continued to go one-on-one with it.

Addressing a press conference, Union Chairman Mandava Janakiramaiah said that the government was harassing the union in the wake of May 1 High Court judgment delivered in favour of the milk unions.The AP Dairy Development Cooperative Federation Ltd (APDDCF) had issued notices to the Union that the brand name Vijaya should not be used while selling milk products outside Krishna district. Consequently, the Union was not being able to sell milk products worth around Rs. 3.5 lakhs every day outside Krishna district, he said.“We are hoping that there would not be any problem till the end of September.

Thereafter, the drop in sales and receipts would adversely affect the payments to the milk producers and salaries,” he said. Mr. Janakiramaiah urged the government to take a decision before the Union ran into financial doldrums.