G. Nagaraja

Even the small sachets supplied fail to cheer them

Federation did not go in for pre-packing machinery

Now many products are not available

ELURU: Now it seems to be the turn of milk consumers to feel the heat of the on-going tussle between the State-run Andhra Pradesh Dairy Development Cooperative Federation (APDDCF) and the Krishna Milk Producers Cooperative Union (KMPCU). The consumers are raising a hue and cry over the sudden disappearance of the milk products of `Vijaya’ brand immediately after the takeover of milk routes by the federation from the control of the KMPCU in West Godavari district nearly a month ago. The milk supplied by KMPCU and its byproducts with the `Vijaya’ trademark, were popular with consumers for their quality and unique flavour for over half a decade. Even as the market used to be flooded with 32 milk and the other byproducts of KMPCU such as lassi, milk powder, butter milk, pannier and curd before the takeover, they all became scarce for the consumers now. Even the little varieties of milk sachets supplied by the federation are failing to cheer the consumers. According to information, some consumers from the city reportedly shot off letters to the Chief Secretary and the top brass of the APDDCF, complaining that the latter’s toned milk and double toned milk sachets available in the market lacked quality due to mixture of milk powder. Besides, the milk was also sticky with a kind of smell with which they felt discomfortable, the consumers complained.

According to information, the lack of forethought on the part of the APDDCF while taking over the milk routes is said to be the main cause of consumers’ woos. The federation went in for the takeover without establishing pre-packing and pasteurisation machinery in the district. In addition, the sick byproducts unit at Rajahmundry is yet to be revived. As a result, the federation is collecting about 30,000 litres from the milk producers, but not able to make available a wide range of milk products and byproducts for the consumers as in the case of KMPCU. If the scene continues for another few days, the federation will certainly witness an exodus of its clientele into the fold of private dairies, comments an employee of the federation.