HYDERABAD: The Centre has revised the food norms, cooking cost and honorarium to cook-cum-helpers under the National Programme for Mid-day meal in schools.

A press release issued by Poonam Malakondaiah, Commissioner and Director of School Education, said the government had revised food norms for upper primary children by increasing the quantity of pulses from 25 to 30 gm, vegetables from 65 to 75 gm and decreasing the quantity of oil and fat from 10 to 7.5 gm. It enhanced the cooking cost (excluding labour and administrative charges) for primary children to Rs.2.50 and upper primary to Rs.3.75.

The cooking cost is to include that of pulses, vegetables, oil and fats, salt and condiments and fuel.

A separate provision for payment of honorarium to cook-cum-helper at Rs. 1,000 a month has been made in the case of a school with up to 25 students. For a school with 26 to 100 students two cooks-cum-helpers are allowed, with an additional cook-cum-helper for every additional students up to 100.