DGP appoints panel to examine the proposal

The proposal for merger of Commissonerates of Hyderabad and Cyberabad has come to the fore again, with the DGP V. Dinesh Reddy appointing a committee of senior officers to examine the proposal and come up with a viable solution. The committee is to submit its report by the month-end.

For uniformity

Currently, the thinking of the top brass is that both the commissionerates, technically which form two separate police districts, could be merged to ensure uniformity in traffic management and policing without causing much financial burden on the exchequer.

The Committee is headed by S.A. Huda, Additional DG, Law and Order and its members would be the chiefs of Intelligence and CID and Commissioners of Hyderabad and Cyberabad.

According to the merger plan, all the urban areas of Cyberabad will be merged with Hyderabad city to form the Greater Hyderabad Commissionerate, which will be headed by the Chief Commissioner who will be in the rank of an Additional DGP.

The area would be divided into Hyderabad, Hyderabad South, Secunderabad and Cyberabad police districts.

Each would be headed by a Commissioner of Police in the rank of an IG. The Commissioners would have the powers of Commissioners of Police under the Hyderabad City Police Act.

While they would be responsible for day-to-day policing, the Chief Commissioner of Police would be responsible for coordination, inspection, inter-zonal transfers, supervision of special units such as Octopus and special branch and liaison with other government departments, source said.

The committee's report is expected to be submitted to the government in April first week.

  • All urban areas of Cyberabad to be merged with Hyderabad city

  • Area will be divided into Hyderabad, Hyderabad South, Secunderabad, Cyberabad police districts