With the elections for local bodies round the corner, the fate of the merger of 10 adjoining villages with the Karimnagar Municipal Corporation continues to hang in balance. Most probably, these 10 villages are likely to go in for local bodies’ elections and thus will not be merged with the Municipal Corporation.

After the Karimnagar Municipality was upgraded into a Corporation in 2005, the authorities proposed to merge the adjoining 10 villages viz Bommakal, Padmanagar, Chintakunta, Malkapur, Rekurthi, Seetharampur, Arepalli, Theegalaguttapalli, Gopalpur and Alugunur. But when the proposal was made, the local bodies’ representatives of the respective villages approached the AP High Court and stopped the merger of villages with the Corporation.

After the Municipality was upgraded, Karimnagar town grew by leaps and bounds and was almost merged with the adjoining 10 villages. However, the growth in these villages was haphazard and lacked a vision for future development.

The Municipal Corporation authorities said that the adjoining villages around Karimnagar town had grown rapidly as a result of steady urbanisation. However, the developmental activities in these villages were very poor, they said. They believed that if the villages were merged with the Corporation, they would be developed on a par with the town with proper roads and other amenities.

A local politician belonging to TRS said that the villagers feared the merger because of the heavy tax structure and lack of developmental activities. He said that villages such as Ramnagar and Rampur, which were merged with the Karimnagar Municipality some years ago, were not developed. Even now, narrow roads without proper drainage system, no street lights and poor sanitation prevails in these two localities in the town, he alleged.

The Karimnagar Consumers Council activists say that the non-merger of villages with the Corporation is forcing unscientific growth in the town. They have urged the district ruling party leaders to take measures for the merger.