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Gandhinagar police arrest the accused person and two others

Relatives allegedly abandon the woman at the Institute of Mental Health in Erragadda Around 10.30 p.m. on Tuesday, she was found begging for food at Bansilalpet by the accused personHe finds her at the same place at 1 a.m., takes her to a tiffin centre and allegedly commits the crime

HYDERABAD: A mentally challenged woman loitering near Bansilalpet was lured with the promise of providing food and then sexually assaulted allegedly by a welder on Wednesday night.

The accused person was taken into custody after a passerby heard the cries of the hapless woman and rushed there.

The Gandhinagar police identified the accused person as Anil, 25, of CC Nagar. His friends - Raju and Shahul - who run a tiffin centre, were also being questioned.

The middle-aged victim, allegedly abandoned by her relatives near the Institute of Mental Health in Erragadda on Tuesday, had been wandering and reached Bansilalpet, where she was begging for food.

Around 10.30 p.m., the accused person found her sitting near the roadside fish sellers. When asked if she was waiting for someone, she begged for food. He went away only to return around 1 a.m. and noticed her sitting at the same place.

The police said that Anil allegedly took the woman towards the railway track but brought her back to a tiffin centre near Bible House where Raju and Shahul lived. He allegedly asked them to move out and committed the crime.

`Relatives informed'

G. Kumar, a passerby who had to stop as his two-wheeler ran out of petrol at midnight, rushed to the spot after hearing the cries of the woman.

On seeing him, Anil and his friends ran away. The police later picked up the trio based on the description given by the victim and Mr. Kumar. "We have informed the woman's relatives in Nalgonda about the incident. We will also approach the court seeking permission to admit her in hospital and write to the district Collector," Gandhinagar Inspector S. Subba Raju said.