The student community had an opportunity to learn about medicine and healthcare at the Esoterica-2013, a medical exhibition organised by the Chalmeda Ananda Institute of Medical Sciences (CAIMS) in Karimnagar Monday.

The exhibition is being organised as part of CAIMS decennial celebrations from Monday to October 27. All the medical and nursing students of the medical college have participated in the exhibition by displaying various exhibits on medicine and healthcare.

The exhibits include rare specimens, instruments used for various surgery, charts and posters on various parts of the human body. There was display of specimens of growth of foetus, the brain, kidney, liver, digestive system, heart, nervous system etc. The anatomy of human body to show the layers of skin, bones, nervous system, digestive system, muscles etc were also on display and the medicos explained to the visitors about the human body and its functioning through live demonstrations.

The exhibition was inaugurated by Satavahana University Vice Chancellor K Veera Reddy along with CAIMS chairman Ch Laxminarasimha Rao on Monday. They went round all the exhibits and encouraged the medicos. The high school students of various educational institutions have arrived in large numbers to witness the medical exhibition and learn about the medicine and prevent spread of various diseases.