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Basic knowledge of local language will be of great help, says educational consultancy firm

  • Doubts of students and parents cleared at a seminar
  • Syllabus is different for students who want to study medicine in Chinese medium

    VIJAYAWADA: Students who want to study medicine in China will be taught subjects in English medium, but they will have to pass a paper in basic Chinese to get the medical degree. This was clarified at a seminar on `Medical Education in China', organised by Saraswati Online.Com, an educational consultancy firm, here on Monday. A number of parents and students who attended the seminar wanted to know if the medium of education in China would be Chinese.

    A.K. Bose, dean of academics, Saraswati Online.Com, said some Chinese medical colleges, with whom his firm had a tie-up, offered a fair amount of freedom in choosing English as medium of instruction and also in devising the syllabus.

    Additional semesters

    The only difference was the duration earmarked for completion of each subject.

    Additional semesters were needed to cover the subjects, because the students would have to attend classes in basic Chinese. The students would also have to learn basic Chinese to interact with patients and prescribe medicine.

    According to Mr. Bose, Chinese universities were "renting out" their excellent facilities and faculty to Saraswati Online.Com to impart medical education to students from India and other South Asian countries. "Major part of our work begins after completion of admissions unlike the other educational consultants," Mr. Bose said.

    His firm had hired faculty members to help the Chinese to teach Indian students the syllabus stipulated by the Medical Council of India. It had coordinators to liaison between the firm, the medical colleges and the students at every place.

    Screening test

    Since the students would have to take the MCI screening test after completing the course in China, model test papers would be posted on the Internet at the firm's website, to enable the students to prepare while studying the regular course.

    Mr. Bose said studying medicine in China was better than studying in several private medical colleges mushrooming all over the State. The Chinese colleges had better infrastructure, faculty and reputation.

    The syllabus was different for students who want to study medicine in Chinese medium, Mr. Bose said. A lot of traditional Chinese medicine was included in the syllabus. The Chinese doctors were well trained in Western medicine, but they make use of traditional medicine extensively. So, no Chinese student would attend the classes meant for students of South Asian countries.

    The cost of medical education varied with each university. It ranged between Rs. 8.5 lakhs and Rs. 12.5 lakhs. Jinan University and Southern Medical University, which had better facilities and reputation, were more expensive. The marks needed to get admission into these two universities were also higher, Mr. Bose said.