Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

District administration puts up a total outlay of Rs. 60 crore for the festival

Rural water supply and sanitation to get Rs. 2 crore each

R&B seeks Rs. 30 crore for road-widening from Medaram to Tadvai, Pasra

WARANGAL: The politicians and officials received a jolt with the State government refusing to sanction the budget as proposed by the district administration for the Medaram jatara.

The combined proposals of departments worked out to Rs. 60 crore which the government refused to sanction. The Chief Secretary reportedly was unhappy with the proposals and sent them back to the district administration.

District Collector N. Sridhar immediately convened a meeting of all the departments and held discussions issue-wise. He wanted the officials to rationalise their budget proposals. The rural water supply which sought Rs. 4 crore for sanitation and Rs. 4 crore for water supply arrangements had to be content with Rs. 2 crore each. Thus, the proposals were reduced by 50 per cent.

Similarly, Roads&Buildings Deparment reportedly sought about Rs. 30 crore for road-widening programme between Pasra to Medaram and Medaram to Tadvai.

“Every year, you get lot of funds and most of the works are of permanent nature. You only require few temporary works such as lavatories and drinking water pipes, electrical installations. Why do you seek more funds?,” a senior officer at Secretariat reportedly asked the district officials.

In the latest proposals, the district adminitration sought Rs. 11 crore for the Medaram jatara arrangement works.

Tribal fete

The historic mega tribal fair popularly known as ‘Sammakka Sarakka jatara’ is held at Medaram hamlet in Tadvai mandal located deep inside the jungle. It is held once in two years and next the jatara is falling due in January last week, next year.

Lakhs of people, mostly tribals come from different neighbouring States like Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra and Karnataka.

“Every time the government used to release funds at least six months prior to the fair to carry out works related to the pilgrim amenities. But this time, there are hardly four months for the jatara to begin and no funds were released so far,” Mulug legislator Danasari Anasuya said.