Expansion of list has political reason: officials

Bowing to pressure by political parities, finally, the State government has declared entire Medak district as drought-hit. The notification to this extent was received by district authorities few days back.

Based on the rainfall, dry spell duration and crop cutting, the district authorities proposed to declare total of 46 mandals in the district as drought-hit in their first proposal. However, the State government had exempted Medak, Ramayampet and Regod mandals from declaring as drought-hit.Even Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy and Deputy Chief Minister C. Damodar Rajanarasimha had promised during their visits to the district that the remaining three mandals would be considered to be added in the list.The proposal was sent twice for consideration of the State government. “The distribution of rainfall is not equally distributed though the sowing of area and rainfall is considerably high in these three mandals compared with others. Based on these reasons, we have recommended the State government to declare the entire district as drought-hit. But, the proposal was considered the third time for reasons best known to the higher ups at Hyderabad,” said a senior official in the administration.

“Not only Medak, but several districts across the State, few more mandals were added to the list of drought-hit due to political reasons. Being officials, we can only follow instructions,” admitted another official on condition of anonymity.

As a result, the farmers' agriculture loans would be rescheduled in addition to extending input subsidy for them.

However, the input subsidy would be based on the crop loss assessed by the agriculture and revenue officials. Similarly, the district would also get additional funds for supply of water, flushing of bore wells and transportation.


Medak district staring at a severe drought? August 11, 2014