A three-member team of the Medical Council of India on Saturday completed its two-day inspection of the facilities created at the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) for starting of first year admissions from the new academic year.

The team comprising C. Nazrul Islam, Thulsi P Naik and Kumkum Rana compiled their reports after detailed interaction with 106-strong faculty headed by RIMS Director B. Anjaiah.

The team would submit its report to the MCI Board ahead of its meeting before the start of new academic year, Dr Anjaiah told The Hindu. He exuded confidence that the MCI nod, would be ''definitely accorded this year''.

“We have created all the facilities as per the MCI guidelines for running anatomy, physiology and biochemistry departments. We have put in place a 1600 sq. m-library, two big lecture theatres, out-patient block, inpatient block, trauma care centre, and radiology unit,'' he said.

The team submits its report to the MCI Board before the start of new academic year