Film: Junction

Cast: Ravindranth, Naina

Direction: Anil Krishna

Junction introduces writer Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao’s son Ravindranath as the hero and this film is a remake of Madhur Bhandarkar’s Traffic Signal. Thought provoking, it revolves around the lives of beggars, slum dwellers living and surviving at the mercy of a local don Kota Srinivasa Rao.

There is also an unholy nexus between him and a politician Kasipathi (Siva Prasad).

Raised as an orphan at the junction Raja (Ravindranath) becomes the manager and hands over the collections to the collector of the region and seldom comes in contact with Kota, the powerful leader of the mafia.

An incident triggers a meeting between the duo and Raja finds himself drawn into a dangerous game.

What makes the story interesting is the conversations between Siva Prasad and Kota which are scripted keeping the current political scenario in mind. There are references to Pavala Vaddi to Jalaayagnam, Ring Road to Metro Rail Project which is interlinked to the main story. Unlike a complete focus we saw on the assorted characters in the Hindi film, Junction concentrates on a handful and just about manages to balance comedy with pathos. Brahmanandam who played the role of a soft ware engineer and a man who had no sympathy for beggars in ‘Pokiri’ has his academic certificates stolen by Ali and is compelled to beg for a living in this movie, the character here is a mere extension. Babu Mohan recollects his once upon a time famous song demanding alms and regrets the recession hitting beggars too. Venu Madhav plays the role of a cheat.

Naina, has hardly any role to play and Ravindranath fits the role given to him perfectly. The film has been designed to appeal only to the masses.