G. Nagaraja

Collector, Superintendent of Police visit proposed site

Fishermen to be asked to register their boats

Ace swimmers among policemen being identified

ELURU: West Godavari district administration has initiated the process for establishing a marine police station at Pedaminavani Lanka, a fishermen village on the sea coast in Narsapur mandal of West Godavari district. Collector A. Vani Prasad and Superintendent of Police B. Balakrishna on Thursday jointly visited a four-acre plot proposed to be earmarked for the marine police station and took part in an awareness programme involving the local fishermen communities on marine policing at the village.

The Superintendent of Police said it was the responsibility of every citizen to protect the Indian sea territories and wanted the locals fishing in the sea to keep the police informed of infiltration of strangers with questionable credentials into the security zones in the sea.

The marine police station, manned by a circle inspector, two sub inspectors and another strong force of 50 constables, is proposed to undertake marine patrolling up to 10 fathoms in the sea from the coast.

Three-tier patrolling

According to Mr. Balakrishna, it would be a three-tier patrolling – up to five fathoms by the local police, 10 nautical miles from thereupon by the Indian Coast Guard and another 100 nautical miles by the Indian Navy. He said the marine police station was likely to be materialised in the next three months. A motorised boat meant for marine patrolling will be at anchor in the Nalli creek close to the sea.

The fishermen on the coast will be asked to get their fishing boats registered and obtain fishing licences from the Department of Fisheries.

The SP told The Hindu that efforts were underway for identifying the constables, who got expertise in swimming for deployment in the marine police station. Besides, the local fishermen would also be recruited as home guards to assist the police in marine patrolling, he added. Pedaminavani Lanka, with 4,000 population and 1,800 of them live on fishing in the sea, has been chosen for location of the marine police station as it was centrally located on the coast.