Say this is a hurdle for recruitment of youth into fold of extremists

Maoists have opposed the conduct of pre-army and pre-police recruitment training programmes being conducted by the Karimnagar district police stating that they are aimed at limiting the recruitment of youth into the extremist-fold.

These startling revelations were made by the district police after the recovery of some documents of the Maoists KKW (Karimnagar, Khammam and Warangal) districts’ meetings held in the jungles sometime last year. The Maoists’ documents say that the naxalites were forced to abolish the Special Guerilla Squads (SGS) due to no recruitment of cadres into the naxalite-fold in the region.

Claiming that the police pre-army and pre-police recruitment training programmes was a setback to the Maoists with the youth preferring to join the uniformed forces, the naxalites said that the unemployed youth in the rural areas were joining the armed and uniformed forces due to non-availability of militia in the villages and they were being lured by the police.

Giving a call to oppose the police training programmes, the Maoists have also stressed the need to strengthen the Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army (PLGA) by taking up more recruitment. The Maoists have also decided to strengthen the party from the grassroot in the villages by reviving the militia with the help of Area Committees (ACs). It was also decided to take the help of Public Relations Officers in some places for the recruitment of youth through various organisations.

In order to check nihilism being propagated by the Maoist naxalites, the district police in general and the Godavarikhani two-town police in particular launched a massive pre-army and police recruitment training programme for the unemployed youth since the last one year and half year.

Targeting the youth of the naxalite affected villages, the Godavarikhani two-town police have conducted special pre-army recruitment camps by providing boarding and lodging to the youth and given rigorous physical fitness training and also conducted theory classes.

Incidentally, the police training programme had good results with around 67 youth securing employment in various sectors. Around 18 youth got jobs in the Armed forces, 22 selected as police constables, 20 selected in various central paramilitary forces, four home guards including a woman. Besides, the training had also exposed the rural youth to various other employment avenues in other sectors.

The police sources said, “We are not worried about the Maoists and we will continue our campaign to educate the rural youth to join the armed and uniformed forces to secure employment and lead a happy life in the society.”

  • Maoists stress the need to strengthen the Peoples Liberation Guerilla Army

  • They also want to strengthen the party in the villages by reviving the militia