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6 tribals freed; peace rallies futile

KHAMMAM: Two of the tribal youths kidnapped by the cadres of the CPI (Maoist) were killed by the abductors in the forest villages of Chintur in the early hours of Monday.

Six others, put to torture in the captivity of the Maoists for nearly two weeks, were let off. Peace rallies organised by the tribal organisations in the shandies and villages on the inter-State border with Chhattisgarh failed to save the lives of the two victims.

Madakam Bandi, one of the kidnapped youths, was found stabbed to death on the outskirts of his village, Bandigumpu.

Similarly, the body of Venkanna, a resident of Dongala Jaggaram village, was traced at Narsingapet village. It also bore stab injuries. Tension gripped the forest villages after the news of the murders spread. The youths were among the eight persons whisked away by the naxalites for different reasons.

Some of them were punished for non-payment of money to the tribals after buying their cattle. Some were taken to task for frequenting police stations.

Search in vain

Both the police and the kin of the youths drew a blank in their search for those kidnapped.

Police from Chhattisgarh and Khammam who had stepped up their presence in the area in a bid to secure the release of the youths were kept clueless on their whereabouts.

Their families went in a rally to contact the dalams camping reportedly in Gollapalli police station limits in Chhattisgarh, but were disallowed by the militant followers of the group.