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T.G. Venkatesh, however, says Congress is his first choice

Congress likely to field a Muslim from Kurnool this time

Venkatesh says he could contest even as an independent

KURNOOL: Former MLA T.G. Venkatesh has spurred speculations saying that he had offer from different parties to contest from Kurnool.

Talking to reporters at Kurnool Media Point here on Friday, Mr. Venkatesh clarified that the Congress was his first choice and he had applied only for the Congress ticket.

Mr. Venkatesh was understood to have been hurt by the campaign that the Congress wanted to nominate a Muslim candidate from Kurnool this time.

The former MLA said he could contest even as an independent.

Changing parties

On the frequent change of parties, he said it would be unethical if one changed the party after winning the election.

But everybody had freedom to change a party before the election and go to the people with a fresh agenda.

Ikya Vedika

Mr. Venkatesh said he would pursue the agenda of the Rayalaseema Hakkula Ikya Vedika even after the election. The Vedika was not a political outfit but coordinated with all political parties to protect the interests of the people of the region.

The Vedika would have a bigger role in the event of the division of the State as any change would fluctuate the fortunes.

Rayalaseema joined the Andhra State only after the capital, Krishna water and a university was promised. The region could have benefited to a great extent in the Andhra State but the unified Andhra Pradesh robbed it of the capital and water.

In the event of the division of State again, the leadership of the region should be careful to secure the compensation. He contended that Rayalaseema endured the worst suffering to serve the interest of Telangana.

The Nizam of Hyderabad ceded Rayalaseema to the British in lieu of the tax. He ensured security for Telengana by throwing Rayalaseema as a crumb. Even after Independence, the region did not get its due share. The Vedika would fight for the protecting the interests of the region.

On the derogatory treatment to Rayalaseema dialect in movies, Mr. Venkatesh said the movie makers could apply the dialect to lead characters but not to comic characters and anti-heroes. Slighting of the dialect in any way would not be tolerated.