A man was reportedly murdered and his body parts, packed in bags, were found on the road near the airport here on Thursday.

On getting information from a passerby that some unusual smell was emanating near the airport, the police reached the spot and were shocked to see a disfigured body wrapped in a green cloth, which appeared to be like the one used in hospitals. “The head and right hand were missing and the legs were severed up to the knees. Parts of the body were found at different places,” Gajuwaka Inspector TMS Prakash said. The right hand was found in a red bag and one leg was detected near the culvert by the dog squad and Clues team. The left hand and a leg are yet to be traced. The Clues team identified a place where some parts were burnt and collected the ashes and pieces of bones from the area. The collected samples were sent for tests.

Gajuwaka Police are investigating .