An unidentified man aged around 25 years was found dead in the general coach of Jammu Tawi-Chennai express train on Tuesday morning. The man locked himself in the toilet and allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself.

The death was first noticed by co-passengers in the third coach from the train engine at Warangal itself.

As it would take a long time to open the door for taking out the body, the railway authorities did not stop the train immediately.

The body could be seen from the side window, the officials said.

At Sullurupeta railway station, the train was stopped for nearly 20 minutes before resuming its onward journey. The authorities decided to retrieve the body and follow up the investigation at Chennai Central.

The deceased man was stated to be a native of Bihar and no relative or family member came forward to claim the body during the journey.

The unidentified person is stated to be a native of Bihar