The man, who was burnt alive on Friday after his car caught fire on the PVNR Expressway, was identified as Santosh Ganeriwala of Ameerpet, Cyberabad police said on Saturday. The car’s registration number AP-09-BU-4311 was also made out, police said.

Santosh (49) was the owner of Beston Industries dealing with bottle caps in Katedan. At about 5.40 p.m., he left the factory at Katedan to deliver material at Balanagar.

On reaching pillar number 179, the car burst into flames due to an electrical short-circuit and mechanical problems.

The electrical wiring and diesel tank of the car was completely damaged due to the intensity of the blaze. Santosh could not immediately come out of the car as he could not release the seat belt he was wearing, leading to his death.

Police officials said that further investigations were on.

As the car burst into flames, Santosh could not come out as he was unable to release the seat belt