Rajampet police have arrested Shaik Shajahan on charges of making an attempt on the life of his wife Syed Feema after marrying her in November last year by taking a dowry of Rs.10 lakh and goods.

A case was registered in Rajampet and he was arrested on a complaint lodged by his wife Syed Feema and her father Sirajuddin. Ms. Feema complained that Shajahan harassed her and tried to kill her after marrying V.V. Sangeetha alias Sana in April this year. Ms. Feema who married Shajahan at Rajampet in November 2010, enclosed the wedding card, marriage certificate and her husband's photo and represented to the Registrar of Marriages in Chennai and North Arcot not to issue a marriage certificate to Shajahan and cancel his marriage with Sana, her uncle and retired DSP S.A. Khader Basha said on Saturday.