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`History needs to be extensively modified and restructured to meet demands of modern readers'

  • VISAKHAPATNAM: There is a need to update and rewrite history in order to make it relevant to readers of a contemporary society, opined Amia Kumar Pattanaik from the department of History Berhampur University at a UGC national workshop on Thursday.

    The National workshop, conducted as part of the platinum jubilee year celebrations of the Department of History and Archaeology of Andhra University, discussed recent trends in the writing and teaching of history.

    In the past, history emerged as an important synthesising science amongst the various social sciences but today the subject needs to be extensively modified and restructured to meet the demands of modern readers. "Through discussions and meetings we need to define the proportion of the various divisions of history such as ancient and medieval history, cultural heritage and politics that will be relevant to readers today," said Prof. Pattanaik.

    Recent events

    Inclusion of events of recent importance such as the two-decade old phenomenon of globalisation, its demographical effects, outsourcing and the disastrous Iraq war, also need to be considered . The need to orient the syllabus and curriculum of history such that students get an all-round knowledge of history around the globe was stressed by Registrar of AU, P. Vijaya Prakash. Vice chancellor of AU, L. Venugopal Reddy, inaugurated the workshop.