Many elders, within years of their retirement – from offices as well as active social life – slip into an abyss of despair, unable to tackle how less important they had become in the scheme of things, from being the centre of attention to very fringes of familial discussion.

But not this man, who not only has saved himself from such a situation but has led more than 50 of his compatriots into a world where they became relevant once again.

P. Siva Kesava Reddy, a retired engineer from the electricity department, having seen the sorry state of affairs of many elders , chose a different path to tread and took voluntary retirement, ticking off what many of his juniors in the department vouch, was an inspiringly honest career.

Soon after, he took to philosophical studies and acquainted himself with the immortal religious and philosophical texts going on to establish a ‘satsang’ he named after Lord Sri Rama. This ‘satsang’ today offers more than 50 such elderly people a different occupation – learning, discussing and interpreting the various religious and philosophical texts.

It has not limited itself to just that and went on into the arena of social service, by supporting the education and needs of a group of students, which it sponsors every year besides other activities.

“We respond to the appeals of help during natural calamities. We pooled in more than Rs 1.5 lakh in a matter of a few days and to help the flood-affected in the Kurnool region”, said Kesava Reddy, adding that the aim of the ‘satsang’ was to try and make the life of each of the elders very important and meaningful, first to themselves and then to the society.

We, at the ‘satsang’, Mr. Reddy says, go on tours every year and enjoy ourselves at all that we might have missed in our otherwise busy lives. Small wonder that these bunch of old men and women, have been an intricate part of the social welfare circuit of the district, sparking a debate amongst the elders to consider a different path after retirement.

P. Siva Kesava Reddy, a retired engineer from electricity department, has changed the life of many an elderly, through his ‘satsang’