Behind every successful woman, there’s a man…if you ever had any doubts, please remove them. Barely a fortnight before being elected as the first Mayor of GHMC, B. Kartika Chandra Reddy, shot off a letter to the government seeking official status to her husband!

Apparently, an official liaising with the Mayor gave impetus to the idea without bothering to dwell on the consequences of such a foolish move and is now denying any role in the matter. This, after leaking it to a section of the media. The first couple are now unnerved by the negative feedback and official’s flip-flop.

With hordes of organisations establishing Joint Action Committees (JAC) and conducting press conferences to support the cause of Telangana, journalists covering the programmes are at their wits’ end as they cannot recognise the speakers. At a press conference organised by Telangana Students JAC, speakers launched themselves into lengthy monologues and the confused journos had to plead with them to identify themselves with names and designations.

After remaining without a head to guide it through distressed times for some time, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) finally got a boss on Monday. Senior IAS officer B.P. Acharya took charge of the body which is going through crises on several fronts including empty coffers and projects that are awaiting completion. From the Outer Ring Road to raising adequate funds to see through different projects, Mr. Acharya does have a tough task on hand.

Incidentally, the HMDA rode high through the real estate boom and never had to really worry much about its financial status. With the property euphoria showing signs of dissipating, it is struggling even to auction its properties or even raise money through mortgage.

News about Mayor B. Karthika Reddy seeking permission to avail her husband’s help in the discharge of her duties held many mouths agape. However, she was being only naïve about what many woman representatives do without any qualms. Recent call to a woman corporator’s official mobile number was received by her husband who said she was at home, and available on another number. A chat with her was cause for another jolt. A very run-of-the-mill question about her plans for the welfare of women drew a blank from her. She stuttered and stammered before asking permission to return to the reporter after learning the answer from her husband. So much for the emancipation of women!

To resign or not to resign ? That was the typical Hamletian dilemma many legislators and MPs faced early this week in the wake of the pro-Telangana statehood agitation. While many jumped on the bandwagon due to political compulsions, there was this Telugu Desam legislator who was in two minds on whether to quit.

Even as he mulled the options with his followers and friends, he was startled to find a scroll on a Telugu news channel that he had already sent in his papers. Aghast at the ‘advance news’ he called up the local scribe of the channel only to be told that the breaking news had emanated from Hyderabad and not locally.

“Look! This is how the media is setting us the agenda,” was his helpless comment. Whether he liked it or not, he had to later say he is willing to quit for the cause of Telangana. It remains to be seen whether he would really quit now.