Every scribe should make writing of diary a habit, former editor of Visalandhra Ch. Raghavachari suggested, here on Thursday.

Addressing a gathering after releasing the diary of the Andhra Pradesh Union of Working Journalists (APUWJ) at the Press Club, he said that even Mahatma Gandhi maintained diary in which he even recorded the mistakes he made. He used material from his diary in his autobiography. “Who can claim to be busier than Mahatma Gandhi? Even after a busy day he wrote his diary,” he said.

Mr. Raghavachari said it was never too late to start writing a diary. He cited the example of former principal of Siddhartha Public School Chandrasekhara Rao, who started writing diary at the age of 60.

Though it is true that scribes write a lot, they should list all the important events of the day “much like what a news editor does” before going to bed. Lamenting that the diary writing habit was slowly disappearing, the senior journalist observed that the art of letter writing too was disappearing.

APUWJ Krishna urban unit president Mutyala Prasad presided over the function. Secretary Chava Ravi, Press Club president Sk. Babu, secretary A. Brahmaiah, APUWJ state leader Ambati Anjeneyulu, KL University Engineering College Dean Venkata Rao and others spoke.