The Rajahmundry urban police have reportedly taken into custody Sai Prasad Reddy, the main accused in the heist of Rs. 7.31 crore belonging to the State Bank of India on Monday upon receiving information that he had fled to Patiala town in Punjab.

Police said they would interrogate the suspect whether P. Srinivas, who was entrusted with the task of safeguarding the cash by Scientific Securities Management Services Limited (SSMSL), had himself committed suicide or was murdered by the gang members.

They will also verify whether another key suspect Sridhar Reddy, a former branch in-charge of Kakinada and his gang had looted Rs.7.31 crore at one go or pilfered the cash in instalments over the past one year. Police are also looking into the angle whether Sinivas was murdered first and then hanged or he committed suicide during the conflict with other friends, including Sai Prasad Reddy, former ‘boss’ of the Rajahmundry branch.

The case took another turn on Thursday, when a police party seized Rs.20 lakh cash at Kunta (border of Khammam and Chhattisgarh) from a car and arrested few suspects. The car is said to be in the name of a son of a former Minister.