As part of ‘Sri Mahalakshmi Yaagam’, to be held from March 21, Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Sri Ramachandra Ramanuja Jeeyarswamy will do purvabiksha paryatana in Krishna Prakasham and Guntur districts from February 3.

The swamiji will do paryatana in Vijayawada from March 4 to 20, and perform ‘Mahalakshmi Yaagam’ from March 21 to 28, at PWD Grounds in the city.

Paryatana was completed in parts of West Godavari and Krishna districts. Devotees have been requested to participate in the padayatra in large numbers, said Sri Mahalakshmi Yaga Ahwana Samithi and Sri Bashyakara Siddantha Peetam members.