The desire to lead a lavish lifestyle, lure of easy money and impress their girlfriends led to two students taking to vehicle lifting. The duo was arrested by the Gajuwaka police on Thursday.

The police recovered seven motorcycles from the accused A. Nitin Kumar, who is studying B. Tech II year and S. Raghavendra, who is in II year LLB. The accused, who were both residents of Gajuwaka, were friends. Their modus operandi was to scan the parking lots at various places in Gajuwaka. After the owner leaves the place after locking the vehicle, the lifters would move in and use their master keys to unlock the vehicle and leave the place on it. Their choice was always new models of popular motorcycle brands. They subsequently sell the stolen bikes to lead a lavish life.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (Gajuwaka) D. Ravi Babu had instructed his men to concentrate on vehicle thefts in view of the growing number of cases. During the investigation, Raghavendra and Nitin Kumar were found to be involved in seven motorcycle lifting cases.

The accused were arrested and sent to remand. Gajuwaka police are investigating the case.