Crosses border with rice consignment

Lok Satta Party president Jayaprakash Narayan crossed the State border with a consignment of rice as part of the farmers protest against restrictions on movement of grain, at Madhavaram near Mantralayam on Sunday.

As expected, there was no reaction either from the State police or the Civil Supplies officials.

Dr. Narayan and his team completed 36-km journey and crossed the Tunghabhadra at Madhavaram and entered Karnataka. The protesters began their padayatra yesterday at Yemmiganur.

On the other side of river bank, a large of number of Telugu-speaking Karnataka farmers waited for the team members and greeted them with garlands.

There after, they trekked for six kilometres into Karanataka border and reached Gilaka Sugur where an auction of 10 quintal rice was conducted. The commodity fetched a price of Rs.1 lakh. Karnataka Lok Satta Party leader, Ramalakshmi, bought the consignment after winning the bid.

Addressing the farmers, Dr. Narayan said the government had no guts to arrest them despite transporting the grain across the border. He asked the officials and government to give the freedom to all farmers in the State to sell their produce anywhere in the country.

He said similar expeditions of farmers would be launched from Nizamabad to Nanded, Tada to Tamil Nadu and Ichapuram to Orissa.

Meanwhile, the police and revenue officials held parleys on the situation before the team arrived at Madhavaram and finally decided to allow them cross the border without any hitch.

According to reports, the government held the opinion that the arrest of Mr. Narayan would triggering serious reaction from the farming community.

  • State police and Civil Supplies officials prefer not to act

  • In Karnataka, the LSP leaders auction 10 quintal rice for Rs. 1 lakh