Special Correspondent

B. Narednra Reddy, a Guntur-based orthopaedic surgeon, introduces implants that last 30 years

GUNTUR: Knee joint replacements have become commonplace these days and had been continuously striving to make them as patient-friendly as possible.

In the latest experiment, he has brought in the latest technology implants that last 30 years with 81 per cent of wear/tear reduced compared to those being used hitherto. A multi-national company Smith & Nephew developed ‘Oxinium' an oxidized zirconium -- a metallic alloy with a ceramic surface that provides wear resistance without brittleness. In the recent simulation of 30-year physical activity, the company's Legion knee replacement a reduction in wear by 81 per cent was established, Dr. Reddy said. Oxinium material combines the best of both metal and ceramics.

During an interaction with patients at his BMR Hospitals in Guntur, they gave a very good feedback on the ease with which they were able to jump back to work.

Smith & Nephew Orthopaedic Reconstruction Verilast Technology is an optimised material combination engineered specifically to improve knee implant performance and durability. This technology combines cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) to produce a one-of-a-kind total knee replacement device.


Detailing the advantages of the implant Dr. Reddy said it was a metal, with excellent fracture toughness like cobalt chrome, but it had a ceramic surface that offers outstanding wear resistance.

Basic problem arises from wear of the natural material and when a person suffering from osteoarthritis or another form of degenerative joint disease, there was a strong possibility that one day he/she may need knee or hip replacement surgery.