P. Sujatha Varma

‘We want to start a new culture devoid of corruption’

VIJAYAWADA: True to its claim of being a ‘different’ party, the Lok Satta in Krishna district is toeing a distinct line as far as campaigning by the party candidates in the election fray is concerned.

Apparently unfazed by the prospects of liberal use of money and muscle power by main political parties in the fray, the Lok Satta candidates have launched a door-to-door campaign in their respective constituencies much in advance than their political opponents. “It’s not about our will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference. We want to start a new political culture devoid of corruption. We are mainly focussed on educating the voter on the value of his vote. We tell him that the value of his vote is much higher than packets of arrack and biryani. We want to help them see through the political game plan of various parties and enable them to use their voting right judiciously,” says Chennupati Vazeer, the party candidate from Penamaluru Assembly constituency.

Door-to-door campaign

Adopting a uniform pattern, the party contestants kick off their campaign at 8.30 a.m., go from door to door and interact with the locals about issues that have been bothering them the most. Attempts to add a dash of glamour to their campaigns by others have had little impact on them. “There exactly lies the difference between others and the Lok Satta. Other parties pull voters into a make-believe fool’s paradise by adding a dash of glamour and other allurements like freebies. We bring them back to the world of harsh realities and explain to them that at the end of the day, the glamour and charm will not satisfy their hunger,” says Mr. Vazeer. Party district president K. Pattabhi Ramaiah says: “All parties, be it the Congress, the TDP, the PRP or the TRS, are sailing in the same boat. Politics has become a cesspool of corruption. But going by the positive response of the electorate, I assure you a change in the voting pattern this time. Our anti-liquor stand has begun to cut ice with the masses, especially the middle and the lower classes. People are vexed and they want a party that acts rather than only make tall promises.”

Devineni Kishore Kumar, an educationist and Lions club activist, is the party candidate from Vijayawada Lok Sabha seat, while K.V.P. Basaveswara Rao is in fray from Vijayawada East and N. Gnanamba from Vijayawada Central. The name of the candidate for Vijayawada West is likely to be announced soon.