JACs demanding their resignations

The public representatives of local bodies belonging to Congress party were submitting resignations to their posts apparently in support of separate Telangana state.

In most of the cases, the local Joint Action Committee (JAC) of students and employees were staging demonstrations at the residences of public representatives demanding their resignations. Surprisingly, only the ruling party members tendered their resignations so far.

Recently, the ZPTC members of Hasanparthy (N. Jhansi) and Bhupalpalli (L. Raja Babu), Mulu Manda Parishad president M. Vinay Kumar along three other MPTC members tendered resignations. The Mallampalli Gram Panchayat sarpanch S. Sadanandam along with all the ward members resigned for their posts. Similarly, Zafargadh MPTC Ch. Ramesh who also belongs to the ruling Congress party submitted his resignation.

Majority of the leaders of local bodies were trying to gain the sympathy of people by stating that they were resigning in support of separate Telangana. The local body public representatives would be completing their terms in less than six months and hence least bothered to lose their positions. By the time of the next elections, they would only stand to gain on ground that they gave up their positions for the cause of separate Telangana.

Speaking to The Hindu, Hanamkonda ZPTC G. Narender Reddy said re-election to the positions would not be held at the term of local bodies expired in less than six months time. He said leaders at village and mandal level were under severe pressure from the activists who have been demanding for resignations. “The situation is very bad as local leaders are bearing the brunt of separate Telangana activists,” he said.

Meanwhile, the JACs in the district plan to target the MLAs and MPs in the next phase of agitation beginning after the Sankranti festival.

  • ‘Leaders at village, mandal level under severe pressure'
  • JACs plan to target MLAs, MPs in next phase of agitation