A rare literary feat is on at Lalitha Kala Thoranam. While `Avadhanam' is a unique literary form of Telugu language, renowned Avadhani Medasani Mohan has embarked on the first of its kind `Pancha Sahasravadhanam'.

Avadhani Mohan floored literary lovers through his 500 poems recited extempore in response to a variety of literary questions posed by a bevy of scholars and litterateurs in the last five days.

He would accomplish his feat of 5,000 poems during the month-long event.

And what more he would recount all the poems on the last two days.

While literary and Telugu language lovers are enjoying the rare event, `Rasamayi', the cultural and literary organisation, sure deserves kudos for planning and organising the event to prove the richness and felicity of Telugu language to the present generation.