Amputation of the entire limb may not be the best available option for patients diagnosed with cancer of the bone or soft tissue, said Kishore B. Reddy consulting Orthopaedic Oncologist with Kamineni Hospitals.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday Dr. Reddy said that limb salvaging surgery was an emerging medical science that helped surgeons give patients, particularly young ones, a new lease of life.

Earlier, the entire leg of patients diagnosed with bone or soft tissue cancer on the thigh was being amputated. But after the development of limb salvaging surgery the part of the leg below the knee was being salvaged through a procedure called “Rotationpasty”, Dr. Reddy observed. Rotationpasty was a complicated and dramatic technique in limb salvaging surgery.

It was called rotationpasty because the limb after removal of cancerous tissue was rotated by 180 degrees. The shinbone was jointed to the thigh bone with plates. Since the blood vessels (arteries and veins) and the nerves were still intact the part of the leg below the knee gets attached to the thigh bone. Because of the rotation the heel joint acts as the knee joint and was good for the fitting of an artificial limb, Dr. Reddy explained.

In case of an amputation an artificial joint had to be filled to the patient. The advantages of rotationplasty over prosthetic (artificial joint) replacement was durability of the procedure, he said. Children who undergo prosthetic replacement, especially those with a significant amount of growth left, would require additional surgical procedures throughout their life as a result of limb length discrepancy and prosthesis failure.

He said that some of the patients who underwent rotationpasty were even able to kick start a motor bike and ride it to work. Limb salvaging was possible for the hands also, Dr. Reddy added. He suggested that all cancer patients, who had been recommended amputation should ask the surgeon if an option to salvage the limb was available.

He said that those with queries could contact him on mobile - 9490294908 or email to – He said that he would come to the city once in a month to see patients.

  • The heel joint acts as the knee joint after the rotation

  • Some of the patients who underwent rotationpasty are even able to kick start a motor bike