Bandi Venkateswarlu, who was serving life sentence for killing his sister and her three children in 2011, allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself to the window of his cell at the central jail here on Tuesday night.

Venkateswarlu (35) was reportedly suffering from a mental illness due to which he was brought from the Rajahmundry Central Jail to Nellore in the beginning of this year.

A native of Arthavedu in Prakasam district, he was convicted of committing multiple murders in a brutal manner over a property dispute.

The jail authorities said that Venkateswarlu’s mental condition was not sound and he was found hanging to the window of his cell by a towel. As he was being taken to the hospital, he died on the way. He was said to have attempted suicide several times in the past.

After hearing the murder case, the court gave death sentence to Venkateswarlu, but it was later changed to life sentence as he was to be suffering from mental illness.