Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) branches in the city are very busy these days as its workforce is chasing targets at a frenetic pace with the calendar year drawing to a close and more interestingly because they have a date, described as the ‘most romantic of the year’ by an international magazine, coming up soon.

It is 11-12-13, the 11{+t}{+h}day of December, 2013, which is going to be one of such rare occasions when people tend to take significant decisions hoping the best of things to happen through the rest of their lives. This is the sentiment that the LIC is trying to cash in on by announcing the ‘11-12-13’ offer to potential customers.

No sooner than the LIC hit upon the idea of marketing its policies with the ‘romantic date’ as the USP, its teams of agents and development officers fanned throughout the city trying to sell policies on that day.

Along with brochures containing names and highlights of various policies, the LIC has got thousands of pamphlets featuring the uniqueness of the date (11-12-13) distributed across the city.

The Career Agents Branch (of LIC) at Governorpet targeted to sell 1,500 policies on that single day and has deputed its high-performing agents to reach the goal. CAB Manager K. Chowdaiah told The Hindu that a competition was set among the agents for that. Those selling 100 policies each will be given four grams of gold as first prizes and agents who sell 50 policies will get two grams gold per head as second prizes. Others will be given cash prizes.