The proposal has been put forth before the Finance Ministry

: Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) president G. Sanjeeva Reddy demanded here on Friday levy of Infrastructural Development Cess on the major infra companies to implement labour welfare programmes.

“A proposal to levy the cess has been put forward by the trade unions to the Finance Ministry in the pre-budget consultations,’’ Mr. Sanjeeva Reddy told media persons on the sidelines of an informal breakfast meeting held at the residence of general secretary, INTUC women’s wing central committee Gara Usha Rani.

The INTUC has now joined a confluence of all trade unions across the country that have given a call for a nation-wide strike on February 20-21 to press for demands such as social security for all employees of unorganised sector, pension, provident fund, implementation of Bonus Act, etc.

“The government should come out with a clear stand on our demands. If it fails to do so, we will intensify the strike,’’ Mr. Reddy warned.

On the FDI in retail, he said that the INTUC demands that the welfare of the employees be protected. “Everyone talks of opening of retail sector and creation of jobs. But are the jobs secure? Are the workers well paid? The government should think of labour reforms as important as economic reforms,’’ Mr. Reddy pondered.

Later, Mr. Reddy was felicitated by Guntur East MLA, Sk. Mastan Vali and Ms. Usha Rani. A group of field workers of NREGS, who have been terminated but later taken back, called on the INTUC president and expressed their gratitude.

  • INTUC demands social security for employees of unorganised sector

  • Sanjeeva Reddy calls for labour reforms