Slow traffic flow

The authorities have constructed a road divider at Srinagar colony road recently but the initiative has became a bane as it affects traffic flow adversely.

There are many schools, colleges and banks in the colony and the presence of road divider on the narrow road is leading to regular traffic jam. Moreover, there are innumerable potholes on the stretch of road giving a back breaking ride to motorists.

V. Vishwanath,

Srinagar colony

Industries releasing poisonous gases

A few industries are releasing poisonous gases every day in the KPHB area at Kukatpally much to the inconvenience of residents.

People staying in this residential area are developing health problems such as burning sensation in the eyes and throat after inhaling the fumes released by the industries.

Numerous complaints lodged by the people with the authorities concerned have not fructified and the problem continues to persist.

Murali Yadla

KPHB colony