Special Correspondent

Two of them express resentment as session lasts over two hours in Council

Chair urged to see that less queries are raised

Council members told to ask pointed questions

HYDERABAD: Lengthy question hour sessions for two consecutive days appear to be testing the patience of Ministers attending the business in the Legislative Council.

A spate of supplementary questions permitted by Chairman, A. Chakrapani on Friday prompted at least two Ministers to openly express their resentment as the Question Hour lasted over two hours.

Higher Education Minister D. Srinivas urged the Chair to ensure that limited queries were raised.

“With so many supplementary questions being raised by members, it is becoming difficult for us to answer all of them.”

Information Minister Anam Ramnarayana Reddy echoed similar sentiments noting that he and his colleagues were spending more time in the Council fielding supplementary questions.

“It is my request to the Chair to streamline the business,” he said.


The Chairman had to repeatedly remind the members to ask pointed questions instead of giving speeches.

An MLC’s husband walked into the Council hall on Friday during tea break without the staff noticing him. After Chairman A. Chakrapani announced a ten-minute break, Pulla Bhaskar, a Congress leader from Warangal district and husband of Padmavati walked in, as a few members were still sitting, and began a conversation. Entry into the House is barred for all except Ministers, members and authorised Council staff.