‘Many like Muddakka have been brought out of poverty’

While the recent visit of Nobel peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi to the house of Muddakka of Papasanipalli village in Anantapur district has left her considerably famous, the good work of the bank that has been behind lending money to Muddakka has remained obscure.

The regional manager of the Kadiri region of the Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank (APGB), Lakshmi Narsiah, says that there were many more Muddakkas, who were financed by the bank as part of the SHG linkage and have been brought out of poverty.

In fact, the figures he puts out in support of his statement are staggering – over 1.7 lakh beneficiaries and a disbursal of over Rs. 255 crore with a mind-boggling NPA percentage of 0.001 per cent and a recovery percentage of 95 per cent, which cumulatively means that almost all SHG groups have regular and timely re-payers indicating their healthy economic situation, at least as far as the SHG is concerned.

In Papsanipalli village of Madakasira mandal alone, a total of 150 families have been included in the SHG movement.

And it’s not just the case of Papasanipalli village but of more than 500 villages like that of the Kadapaganipalli village of the Kothacheruvu mandal and the Tangedukunta village of the Gorantla mandal under the Kadiri region of the APGB that has made a difference to the otherwise poverty-stricken villages.

Speaking to The Hindu , Muddakka said that she had been given a loan of Rs. 30,000 with which she bought a milch animal which sustains her level of income on a daily basis for the last three years. Muddakka was also lent Rs. 20,000 in recent times which she says she put to use for their children’s education.

Meanwhile, the group as a whole – the Sapthagiri women’s SHG of the Papasanipalli village comprising 10 people has so far been lent a total of Rs. 3 lakh.

Such has been the pro-active nature of SHG lending by the Kadiri regional unit of the APGB that it tops the charts of the seven regions and five districts that APGB operates with a total exposure of Rs. 255 crore beating its nearest competing region by over Rs. 50 crore inspite of the fact that it operates with a lesser number of branches that other regions of the APGB.

  • The Sapthagiri women’s SHG of Papasanipalli village has so far been given Rs. 3 lakh

  • Muddakka said that she had been given a loan of Rs. 30,000 with which she bought a milch animal