Suguna says sexual atrocities be construed as rape

Human Rights Activist T.Suguna has called for a legal redefinition of what constituted a rape.

Many of the rape cases were going against the rape victim when the sexual atrocity did not amount to successful penetration or ejaculation. The very attempt to sexually assault a woman should be construed as an act of rape and tried under the CrPC sections.

Speaking at the seminar conducted by Mahila Chetana, a women’s organisation at the local Public Library here on Thursday, Ms Suguna observed that the definition of rape needs to be redefined and looked beyond the traditional view as sexual atrocities of the modern day involved anal intercourse and oral sex. Heinous crimes like penetration of objects into the vagina of a woman and stuffing of chilly powder are acts of torture which are not covered under rape laws. She also felt that if men are sent to gallows for sexual crimes, the accused might even murder the girl after rape to destroy evidence and escape death penalty.

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